Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Squirrel Bait - Demo 1984

Label: Self Released
Year: 1984

Seems to me that Squirrel Bait will go down in history more as the launching pad of a thousand bands rather than for their actual musical contributions. Meaning, few people will say, "oh yeah, Squirrel Bait, I loved 'Sun God', that song rules", but a lot (relatively speaking of course) will say, "oh yeah, Squirrel Bait, isn't that the band that spawned Slint, The For Carnation, Bastro, Bitch Magnet, Gastr Del Sol, The Red Krayola, Big Wheel, Wingdale Community Singers, The Breeders, King Kong, Palace Music, Evergreen, Brise-Glace, Love Jones, Yona Kit, and 9-Iron?".

The track list is (supposedly)
Tense/Earth Shattering
Insult To Injury
Black Light Poster Child
The Nearest Door
Rage For Life
Notice When
When I Fall


Lo-Res Viscera said...

One of my favorite bands ever.
Every other band mentioned sucked.
You can't argue with me about this.
Nice post.

PETE said...

That is the tracklist. There's a song missing though. Go here:

Rocky said...

ahem! Squirel Bait is good but it did not spawn The Red Krayola. They have been going on since the 1960s. Just my two cents. Keep up the good work dudes.

FuseRed said...

fucking fantastic to discover this - thanks so much!

surprised how old school hardcore some of the tracks are - thanks again!

Earthdog70 said...

I know there is a live set of Squirrel Bait floating around, if anyone has it, this site does.

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