Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bloodloss -Human Skin Suit

Label: Greasy Pop
Year: 1988

Way back when (a couple of days...weeks?) when we posted some Thug record, the band Salamander Jim was mentioned. At least I assume it was mentioned, as I am far too lazy to actually go back and confirm that statement. The point is, Salamander Jim is an old Australian band with ties to Thug, but who splintered off of a band called Zulu Rattle. Well, the remaining members of Zulu Rattle reformed as...wait for it...did I hear someone say it? Yes, Bloodloss! Well played everybody.
So, Bloodhorse kinda came and went, and then came again (that's what she said) when they re-grouped with two o.g. members and Guy Maddison of Lubricated Goat, and Mark Arm of Mudhoney on board. They put out some stuff on Sympathy For The Record Industry, and even a major label, but still stayed pretty much under the radar. I think they're gone again, until they can find some other cast of characters to reanimate themselves around, so in their memory, may I present their first full length (that wasn't a cassette, they had one of those).
If you like whacked out psychedelic tinged garage rock dirges with a healthy dose of saxophone, and echoed female vocals, then this is your lucky day! Give it a shot, I think you might like it, I did. Seems like the kind of music that SST would have been putting out right next to DC3, SWA, Painted Willie, Gone, and Universal Congress Of.


1009 said...

Thanks a lot. You should check out the Seattle blog lamestain on whether or not Mark Arm ruined Bloodloss:

Mars said...

Nice one Graaaaaaaaay! I had no clue there was an earlier LP!

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Anonymous said...

Please, Re Up!!

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