Wednesday, August 26, 2009

murdervan - self-titled

released 2006

i happened upon this new haven,ct trio on the myspace of a band called bloarzyed (whose NEW EP album can be found here)...and as soon as the song "the wheel" started up on their myspace player...i was hooked

so i set about sending the band a message with the hoped of them setting my poor ass up with a little something to listen to (just as i had done with bloarzyed)...and i told them that i'd like to include something of theirs on this blog

and instead of being all like "go away bother me!" and then pushing me over and making me spill my tray in front of all the cool kids in the lunchroom...they sent me this as well as a copy of their newest album called JAUNDICE

listening to can think of the melvins...a little fudge tunnel...a lot of theory of ruin...a little nirvana...some jucifer...some early soundgarden...

actually...that should be more than enough to sell you on it

if you read from the same book that i do...all of that is pretty kick-ass

and this be their space

DL: murdervan


Mega-leg said...


Gray said...

i'm hearing more Mudhoney and Fluid...but that's just me.

ipecac said...

it's always just you...isn't it?

but upon further examination...i too can hear it

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