Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sorry, I had to do it. I had to add some more Karp. They are one of my most favoritest bands ever.
I remember years ago asking a friend (before blogging) for some new heavy music to listen to and he suggested Karp. So I borrowed Suplex from him and my life was ruined soon after putting the fucking cd in the stereo (yes, a cd. before ipods). This started my Karp obsession collecting everything they ever committed to tape. I even have a set of Suplex buttons.
Enough rambling (yes, rambling. Before Jesus ever rambled)... wait just a fucking second. Where's that fucking documentary?!! Somebody get on this shit now.
Here's 2 more shows

Reed College 94' - DL

Hoboken 96' - DL


Cara said...

hey - love this blog! I recently started one, check it out - i think our musical tastes will get along nicely.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff. Great Blog! Keep up the great work!

clintellectual said...

well played sir. Karp has always been one of my favoritest also. saw them thrice when i lived in SF and twice in ABQ. the last time i saw them was in this tiny brick box of a record store where the sound had no where to escape to. everything just bounced back off those walls and pounded your brain-pan. talk about lessons in masochism.

James Joyce said...

Myself, Gray (from this blog) and Ed Rawls were the only attendees at the Karp show at the Midtown Music Hall in 1995 when their split with Rye came out, and they were of course amazing. I gave them my number after the show telling them I could book a house show next time they came to Atlanta that would bring out more people, and they prank called me that night pretending to be Ian MacKaye. Funny guys. They actually did play a house next time through, and I filmed it:

Gray said...

wasn't there a joe myers at that karp show as well? i sorta forget. but man, i really liked the midtown music hall, they booked some great shows...guzzard comes to mind, unwound does too.

james, come out to justins tomorrow night for a birthday jam.

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