Friday, August 14, 2009

Drunkdriver - Born Pregnant

Label: Parts Unknown
Year: 2007

Here's something new, well, relatively new as far as this place goes anyway. The first "proper" full length from the kings of blown-the-fuck-out noisecore (they had a cassette release before this you even still have a cassette player?). And when I say noisecore, I mean goddamn noisy shit. They play a mix of speedy hardcore and stomping early nineties rock but pin the proceedings comfortably in the red, resulting in a devastating barrage of nastiness. It should appeal to fans of the Hawks record, Clockcleaner, Nudibranch, Flipper, Antioch Arrow, Coleman (holy shit, did I pull that one out of my ass or what? remember the girl who sang for that band would bash her skull against the floor while they played and would finish he set with huge knots on her forehead? jesus), Drunks With Guns, Dazzling Killmen, humidity, jackhammers, or sticking your head out the window of a car driving 75 miles per hour down the freeway straight at a brick wall. If those things float your boat, you should try this record on for size. If you're bothered by thoughts of "high fidelity", or the lack of a bassist, then do yourself a favor and skip this one.
The record is still very much in print, and can be ordered direct from the label.


proven hollow said...

coleman. nice. whatever happened that lady?

Matt Anderson said...

i have a cassette player still.

Anonymous said...

I saw Drunkdriver this year with Triac at a house show in Richmond, VA and they put on a great show. They're coming back in September and I'll certainly be there.

e normous said...

Yeah, these guys are a pretty intimidating listen. I think "My Chinese Sister" is a bit better (and heavier" than this one.

This whole new wave of noise-punk-hardcore-etc bands take the distortion and in-the-redness much further than the AmRep-era guys did, don't they? I mean this stuff is just hard on the ears for me, I have to be in a very noise-hungry mood to put it on.

thuglifebaldwin said...

"coleman. nice. whatever happened that lady?"

shes a teacher in cleveland, or was a few years back when i used to talk to her

anyways correct me if im wrong but dident drunkdriver's drummer recently rape someone???

Gray said...

The drummer has been accused of "sexual misconduct" in the past, and it was rumored that was the reason he was kicked out of Wives (who then became No Age), and that was the rumored reason for the break-up of Drunkdriver. But he says he never did anything, and he's never been criminally charged with anything (not that being criminally charged is the only way to know if someone is a rapist or something), so I don't know if that's true or not.

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