Friday, July 3, 2009

murder-suicide pact - demo

released 2009

this is a 14 song "demo" (remember when a demo was about 3-4 songs recorded on what sounded like a tape deck in a garage/basement? boy...the times they are a-changin')

ok...pick out a black flag song (i suggest "police story")

then go and get a fan

turn it on and lean down behind it

then scream the lyrics to mentioned black flag song through the fan

and that's what this is all about

tell me you don't automatically think of "black coffee" in the opener "pretty good pretty bad"

this will take you to redondo beach in 1981

you can also find the band's SELF-TITLED album here inside the walls of this blog (twice)

DL: msp demo

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for listing our demo.

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