Friday, July 3, 2009

fucked up - let likes be cured by likes

released 2004

this band from the fabelled canadas are single handedly keeping hard core/punk rawk alive...and doing it better than the current new old school bands (ie: terror)

and for all you nerds out there...this was a limited release one-sided live 12" (only 300 were made...and i know that doesn't really matter here because it's posted on a blog...but now you have something to talk about at your next cocktail party)

so put this on...crank it up...and you'll feel like your right there in the action (and you won't have to worry about windmills or karate chops or drunk guys that go by the name "bro")

1 - intro
2 - generation
3 - colour removal
4 - black iron prison
5 - no pasaran
6 - a light that never comes on
7 - last man standing
8 - zezozose
9 - circling the drain
10 - police
11 - endtro

DL: let likes be cured by likes

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