Saturday, June 20, 2009

we'll go machete - self-titled ep

released 2009

this foursome out of austin,tx warm the cockles of my heart...taking me back to a more simple time of driving aimlessly with a car full of friends while listening to mix tapes that you put together...and looking around and seeing only looks of confusion on the faces of everyone because apparently what was playing wasn't hard enough or didn't make any sense to them

aka "the 90s" (well...for me anyway)

it's stuff like this that makes me think that there's a possible tidal wave of new old "college rock" getting ready to make landfall...and it couldn't come at a better time...i mean...the jesus lizard are wandering the landscape no more are at it again...or maybe the apocalypse is upon us

who knows

and now there's this band...taking their name from a lester bangs us something that sounds like a mixture of like jehu...quicksand...and a kinder,gentler helmet

so do yourself a favor...get in the way back machine...and take this for a drive

DL: we'll go machete


Alex said...

Finaly some We'll Go Machete, i've been waiting for this. Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff... really can hear some old Quicksand type things going on... I like!

dgen said...

i have to listen to it after seeing that cd cover...hmm maybe we will see an AMRep revival soon? man I hope so.. viva la posthc

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