Saturday, June 20, 2009

areola 51 - self-titled

released 2004

i was gonna use "self-tittled"...but i'd decided against it
and aren't you glad?

this is what happens when the bassist for the butthole surfers (jeff pinkus)...the guitar player for scratch acid (brett radford)...and a drummer for ministry (max brody) get together in austin,tx

and if you put your ear close enough to the speaker...go's can catch a hint of gibby haynes in the background...and i really don't want all that close to your i suggest that you keep some wetnaps close by

and what happens when all of this happens?'s all that you imagine it to be...a sloppy unsane...a little surfing of the butthole...drunk clowns wielding straight razors down at the roadhouse on a saturday night...the government keeping a diary of sexual encounters with aliens...

it's all of those things...just without the awful aftertaste and regret

DL: areola 51


Anonymous said...

The search finally ends here. Many many thanks for this one.

ps you coulda gone for self-tit-led instead but hey...

Anonymous said...

I'm a french noise fan and just discovered that band, i'm listening to "jerk mag" on youtube and just can't wait listening the whole album, can you re-up the file please?

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