Tuesday, May 5, 2009

tv on the radio - return to cookie mountain

released 2006

okokokokokok...i know what everyone is thinking: "ipecac...really?...and now you've opened the door for all the hipster folks with their tight pants and wearing scarves indoors and being all like "yeah..me too" and their funny haircuts and their ironic motley crue t-shirts to show up"

and to that i say: "that'll never happen...i have the head of conor oberst on a stake outside the door...everyone just calm down now...you there...put the gun down...and there's no reason to push the red button"

and it saddens me to even know who conor oberst is
like a finding out they discontinued the mcrib kinda sad

i'm posting the album for a reason...and that reason is this: because i want to

i was turned onto this band a few years back while channel surfing (at the time...i had heard of the band...just never heard them)...and suddenly the video for "wolf like me" came outta nowhere...and for some reason it sucked me in

there's just something very soulful about the music and has a preaching to the congregation thing going on...and there's just so much going on around the music...and i've tried giving the rest of their stuff a listen and i just can't seem to get into it (much like a pair of the above mentioned tight pants)...but this album...i could listen to it at least once a day

ok...with all of the being said...you'll either give it a chance and like it...or hit me in the face from behind for ever putting this here

but i assure you...i'm still the same guy that runs around in a speedo making goats faint...and that will never change

so i'm just gonna slowly back out of the room now....

DL: return to cookie mountain (or not..you know...whatever)


The DL said...

Such a good record dude.

David Snusgrop said...

Excellent stuff, thanks for everything you do.

julius orange said...

great album.
also the mcrib fucking rules.

Anonymous said...

what did the gnome do?

ipecac said...

he's done plenty...that's all you really need to know

and he likes to keep a low profile...so you'll never see his deeds on the evening news

he's a huge star in japan

Anonymous said...

cool! got any animal collective or lil wayne? pitchfork gave those very high scores

ipecac said...

you know what you can do with that pitchfork...

and honestly...this went over better than i thought it would...i expected to be stabbed and then urinated upon by gray (and i gotta say...i'm a little let down)

so...maybe i can post that yeah yeah yeahs album now and not have to worry about being disembowled

julius orange said...

no, that YYY album is terrible.

gray said...

i actually own this record, so i couldn't rightfully attack you for posting it.
in retrospect i find them a little boring, kinda "one-trick-ponies" if you know what i mean, but there are a couple real jams on this record, and that's better than most. i got the latest one and didn't think the jam ratio was high enough, so i ditched it, and have since shelved "return to cookie mountain". maybe i'll give it a spin soon. you know, for relatively old time's sake.

as for the pitchfork comment...blow it out your ass. i'm so sick of the pitchfork backlash, it's a fucking website, who cares?. honestly, it's not even the world's worst website, in fact they have some pretty awesome video posted there. i will grant you that they tend to crawl pretty far up certain bands' assholes, and yeah, that's annoying. and sure, they seem like johnny-come-lately's to metal music in general, but oh well, who cares? the point is, it's just another in a long line of websites, so why they are given more creedence than say, The Daily Swarm, or why they are somehow the arbiters of cool is beyond me, and i for one, don't pay them much mind.

hmmm, somehow i ended up defending pitchfork and ipecac...that doesn't seem right. hold on now...let's see...uh...ipecac's a turd-burgling assface, and pitchfork is the devil's wiping paper...there. that feels better.

ipecac said...

what if i wanna be the devil's wiping paper?

and i don't even have to be 2 ply

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