Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Silkworm - Into The West

Label: C/Z
Year: 1994

Pretty much perfect indie rock from a band that made a career out of crafting pretty much perfect record after record. This one is their first full length, and my favorite, mainly because it contains the jam "Into The Woods" which to my ears is one of those perfect songs that I can listen to over and over again. Really, if you were alive and of any musical cognizance, you probably were a fan of Silkworm, but if you happened to have missed them, you should rectify that. If it helps, this was recorded by Steve Albini, as was apparently everything we ever post on this blog. 
There's a documentary about the band and the tragic death of drummer Michael Dahlquist which has yet(?) to be released (although, I'm sure "released" is a relative term here). You can peep the trailer on youtube here.
A couple members of Silkworm have gone on to form The Bottomless Pit if you're interested in further examination.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

cant remember the name of the song or what records its off of, but these guys have a song with a lyric about someone eating someones heart because its made of chicken. i always thought that was a stupid line because its real cliche to say something that isnt edible tastes like chicken. but it just occurred to me that he may have meant that his heart taste like chicken because he is a coward when it comes to love. either way.. whatevs. by the way i have been alive this whole time and never became a fan because the music wasn't exciting enough for me. saw them open for shellac in 97 or 98?? and they were tight live, good musicianship, but they just bored me like a college class youd rather skip it and go drink a 40. good band none the less, peace

Anonymous said...

That song is off of Developer and I think it's called Sheep Wait for Wolf.

Jeremy said...

In The West is definitely my favorite Silkworm album, if not one of my favorite albums of all time. I recently just got a skip on mine and am glad to have found this link; Enough is Enough just doesn't sound so good when it makes clink clik clink right during the amazing build-up. Thanks!

Jeremy Vaca said...

Do you think you could up a link for a 320 k version of this? pretty please? :)

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