Tuesday, May 19, 2009

peter and raymond - shut up,little man!

released 1993

i'd been kicking around the idea of posting this here for awhile now...and with the recent goings on around these parts...what better time than now for such a thing

this is the story of roomates peter and raymond...living in san francisco...a truly odd couple (one straight...one gay...both drunks)...and they like everyone else like to hurl around insults and threats to one another...and their next door neighbors one day decided to tape record the everyday events and then disperse the recordings amongst their friends...and then they took on a life of their own...showing up in places such as a devo sideproject called the wipeouters sampling it...to an episode of spongebob squarepants...to spin magazine...to jazz instrumentalist john zorn sampling it on stage

both peter and raymond are no longer among the living...peter died in 1996 because his liver finally said "ENOUGH!" and then packed it's bags and left...as for raymond...he died in 1992 after being repeatedly kicked by a friend of his whilst lying in bed

so if you're anything like me...you'll play this at top volume and act it out with your cat in the living room with the windows open...and maybe...just maybe...you'll have a sheriff knocking on your door too (and it also helps things along if both you and your cat are wearing disheveled gray wigs and stretched out stained "wifebeaters")

DL: your future


Dr. and Mrs. Nick Pyle said...

eww, we used to listen to these at a warehouse job i had in high school. they are fucking depressing. theres "funny ha-ha" but SULM is "funny-oh mannn..."

Matt Anderson said...

i have relatives like this. it's pretty awesome.

panzan said...

dead link? already? why? who?

The Lost Shoe Team said...

What panzan said. Boo-urns.

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