Monday, May 18, 2009

No Age - Dead Plane

Label: Teardrops
Year: 2007

Here's the four song 12" from No Age that started it all for them, and chances are, unless you happened to know someone, who knew someone, you probably missed out on the o.g. pressing of 500. What is it they say about record collectors again? But then again, this band has managed two lps, and at least twelve eps since 2007, so maybe it's not the collectors but the band who are pretentious assholes? 
Musically, if you are familiar with the "Nouns" record that came out last year, you might be disappointed that this one isn't as polished or fleshed out. The songs meander through the same fuzzy drones as on "Nouns", but seldom come to any conclusion, and are interspersed with sloppy interludes which don't do much to propel the thing forward. So, what I'm saying is, "Nouns" is a fucking great album, and you should get it. This ep has some cool moments, and some duds, but if you like the band and want to hear how they started out, give it a listen. 

I didn't really sell that one very well huh?


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proven hollow said...

i dont know who the fuck these dipshits are, but by your commentary, i dont want to download this album, i want the other one...soooooooo....

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