Sunday, May 3, 2009

Natzi Skinz - Sic Semper Tyrannis

Label: Youth Attack!
Year: 2003

Here's a quick one, a real quick six songs in just over five minutes quick. Got any ideas what this will sound like? Any at all?
If you guessed; "straight up West Coast first wave hardcore", well, congratulations you have won the Natzi Skinz "Sic Semper Tyrannis" 7". Good job. You have a future in "rock journalism", good luck with that, I hear the ladies love a good rock journalist.
The interesting trivia about this particular release is the personnel who performed on it. You got your Shaan Obney who was in Le Shok, your Joey Karam who was in Le Shok, Subpoena The Past, and The Locust, your Cundo Si Murad who was in Le Shok and Wrangler Brutes, and your Andy Coronado who was in Wrangler Brutes, Body Part, Skull Kontrol, and Monorchid. Not too shabby of a resume. Not too shabby at all.


Anonymous said...

Can you up some Subpoena The Past if possible? I sold their EP thing years ago & regret it now.

cdb said...

FYI you refer to them twice as Natzi Skinz but the cover spells it Nazti. I think "nasty" is pretty different than "nazi", Gray.

Gray said...

oh, i'm sorry, i guess i'm just not a flaming racist like you, and hadn't even thought of the nazti/nazi connection. you can certainly fault me for poor penmanship, but you sir are committign a hate crime. i hope you're happy hate crimer!

cdb said...

Wow, first you called Matt a racist during the show, and now this. Projecting, are we??

Anonymous said... this for real or are you really that much of a douche bag? someone who posts as many shitty half assed recordings as you do really has no reason to be.

Cheesegrater said...

Incredible record. One of the best examples of this styles of HC/punk out there.

I believe the story is they decided to start a band, play 5 or 6 shows, press 500 records, then quit.

Record is SUPER hard to find even in SoCal.

There's a live recording of a Headline Records show floating around somewhere.

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