Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dark Meat - Universal Indians

Released: 2006

Dark Meat are essentially a badass southern rock band with the brass and reed section of a marching band and a trio of back-up singers who could and do preform on their own. Featuring 23 members in all they are one of the most memorable acts I have ever seen live.

Oh, and they aer some of the best song titlers I've ever seen too: "There Is A Retard On Acid Holding A Hammer To Your Brain", "Assholes Of Eyeballs", plus they named their catchiest song "Well Fuck You Then". All this on top of the fact that the t-shirt they sold me features a psychdelic skull and the phrase: "Fuck Your Face".

Some of this sounds basically like hard edged southern rock with hints of horns but when Dark Meat get all of their instruments going at the same time it can be a fucking mind-bending sound unlike anything else (whoever produced this does a really good job of keeping each sound distinct even as they all merge together).



TONA said...


James Joyce said...

Hey DL - is this only an excerpt of the album? I downloaded it and only the first 3 songs were included. These guys are amazing - I have played several shows with them over the past two years, and their new material is even better.

The DL said...

Shit, can't believe I missed that there was an uploading error. I am reuploading it right now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-upload, DL, but there are still 2 tracks missing (4 & 9)!!

The DL said...

I deleted those tracks from my computer because my CD got scratch sorry.

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