Thursday, May 21, 2009

Japanther - Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty

Label: Tapes
Year: 2006

When I posted that No Age record a few days back, it reminded me of Japanther who share some sonic similarities, the fuzzy wash of guitar, the pop structures buried under a blanket of warm noise, and the disembodied vocals. Physically they share similarities to No Age as well, operating as a duo, they still manage a well-rounded amount of instrumentation. 
This particular album is a soundtrack written in conjunction with artist Dan Graham for a puppet show (yes...a puppet show) of the same name. The puppet show (repeating...puppet show) is a political satire telling the story of a 22 year old man who is elected president of the United States. As told by puppets. In a puppet show.
Of course, being over thirty myself, I'm not sure if you can trust anything you have read thus far. Be advised.


jim said...

An Excellent Blog. I have re-discovered many forgotten treasures and also discover things that must have past me by at the time. Could you post the first two Calvin Krime 7"'s (Pretty in Pink) and (Kids Incarcerated) if you have them.

ipecac said...

i saw these guys back in '06

and i gotta say...their singer/drummer is no don henley

Gray said...

if you ever bring up the eagles to me again i will rip off your head and shit down your gaping throat-hole.

ipecac said...

so which one was it?

don henley or joe walsh?

it's ok...i know where the hotel california is too...i've been there

Anonymous said...

oh god your shit just entered a new realm of lame. you'll suck on anything that resembles a good dick wont you?

Gray said...

hey everybody, look who's back, and still hanging on our every word.
for someone as cool as you are, you sure spend a lot of time slumming it with us nerds. have fun being awesome today, alright?

Matt Anderson said...

since anonymous has started in with all the butt hurt, i've no longer come here for the downloads. just the butt hurt.

that said, thanks for the Into Another! good stuff. i remember hating it when it first came out. Not so much now.

Anonymous said...

yeah butt hurt 2009 sounded like a good porno flick, with your mom in it

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