Friday, May 22, 2009

Born Against - Live At Gilman Street - 02-19-93

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1993

Today's three posts will all be early 90's live hardcore, alright? For reasons still unknown, I have been on a hardcore kick lately, and thought it might be appropriate to get some of that stuff out to the general public, but of course posting the albums would be too easy. Instead (and not "Insted") you will get some live shows.
First up, Born Against, who seemed to be the band that transcended their New York City Hardcore roots by injecting some much needed humor and political insightfulness into the genre when it was just about to fall off the precipice into a boiling vat of homoerotic macho posturing, and expose a lot of folks outside of the hardcore bubble to the music and ethos. For better or for worse I guess. By the time of this show the band was pretty self-aware of their place in the scene and took full advantage (or went overboard, however you see it) to mock and berate their audience. But whatever you think of their egos or politics, you can't deny the opening chords of "The Good Father".
Sound quality is a B-


jaginguene said...

Never got see these bands live unfortunately... they just didn't get around to my part of the world back then. The sound quality's actualy pretty good. Cheers!

Sean said...

I got to see Born Against at ABC NoRio with..hmm...Krakdown? They, along with Rorschach, made me feel a little less bad for missing out on Black Flag due to my parents not getting it on at an earlier date. I can't wait to hear this one!

Anonymous said...

I was told this was a soundboard recording. There's also a copy of the Econochrist and John Henry West set from earlier in the night.

Gray said...

I would love to hear the John Henry West know...if anybody's got it.
I'll ask around, and maybe I can unearth it.

vext pome said...

thanks 1 mil. for this!
unwarranted egoistic antagonism is one of the best things about hardcore, maybe

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