Tuesday, May 12, 2009

grotus - luddite ep/slow motion apocalypse

luddite ep released 1992
slow motion apocalypse released 1993

this one goes out as a request filler (and to those that have made requests in the past...fret not...they'll be filled eventually...we just have to get better cattle prods)

the band that dared to ask the question: "were people this stupid before there was tv?"

they could be best described as taking the social commentary of a band like..oh i don't know...let's go with fugazi...and then mixed it up with some industrial/experimental (heavy on the mental) backbeats

this is what would be going through your mind if you were tied to a chair with your eyes pinned open and were made to watch a mixture of "reality" television and the news for a week

so if you can dig on some consolidated...some strapping young lad (vocalist lars fox could front a syl cover band)...some foetus...some crash worship...some skinny puppy...

and hey...mike patton liked them (they were the openers for the first mr.bungle/faith no more US tour back in 1992 after being asked by the man himself)...and that in turn got them asked by jello biafra to join alternative tentacles (which they did)

DL: luddite ep
DL: slow motion apocalypse


proven hollow said...

thanks for the request filler, but i already gots them and they are killer. i'm really looking for the original version of brown (the later rereleased it without the samples) and their last album, mass. any help would be greatly appreciated. radical.

Gray said...

i will upload Mass today...alright already?

Anonymous said...

I always thought the FNM song "Jizzlobber" was pretty heavily influenced by Grotus.

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