Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Burning Brides - Live At The Cotton Club

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2003

Recorded here in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, this here set captures Burning Brides annihilating the old Cotton Club while on tour opening for My Morning Jacket on April 24th, 2003 (The Detachment Kit rounded out the bill). It as recorded by an audience member, but the sound quality is surprisingly good, really good in fact. The band is in prime form, and manages to rock the fuck out the whole show, guitar solos and all.

1. Plank Of Fire
2. Come Alive
3. Glass Slipper
4. Dance With The Devil
5. Plastic Empire
6. Pleasure In The Pain
7. Steramine
8. Arctic Snow
9. If I'm A Man
10. Overhead Metal Erection
11. Leave No Ashes
12. At The Levity Ball


proven hollow said...

anybody got any grotus up in this piece? namely, brown and mass. can't find them anywhere.

Earthdog70 said...

Dimitri is a good guitarist. Just saw him play with OFF! in Chicago and he ripped it.

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