Wednesday, May 6, 2009

godheadsilo - the scientific supercake lp

released 1994

you know...i'm very shocked that we here at SGM have never put an album released by this duo here...or have never made a reference to them anywhere

why is it i'd never heard of this drum/bass duo out of fargo,nd?



how did we let this band escape our all knowing radar?

and i do apologize to our faithful reader(s) for not allowing you to know of this band's existence

we should really just call it a day and just return to that janitor gig our mom got us (and we only got it because your uncle owns the business...let's not fool ourselves) and quit trying to hide behind this sheet of self-importance...we should never be allowed to dole out any sort of wisdom

and one last thing...i feel that you should all be aware that the last song on this album could very well blow your speakers if played too loud (so you might want to take it out of the i-don't-care-i'm-gonna-play-this-as-loud-as-i-want-because-it's-bingo-night-and-mom-isn't-home-whateva-i-do-what-i-want! range)

and it's been rumored that the recording of this album caused bass player mike kunka to go deaf in one ear

this album could very well cause elephantitus of the speaker

DL: the scientific supercake lp

"multiple organic" - 6.6.96 - BLTs - atlanta,ga


Gray said...

i was at the that show in the video. word 'em up.

julius orange said...

one of the greatest bands/albums ever.
really nice guys too.

.t-im said...
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Anonymous said...
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proven hollow said...

haha, i always loved that drum kit. geez they looked like baybies! i dont remember this show happening, bummed i missed it. i must have been with jawk at the mall hitting the merry go round sales.

ipecac said...

gray...where haven't you been?

i'm still convinced that i can see you in the last supper...and you're trying to take the lord's piece of bread when he isn't looking

i guess the saying is true: a sandwich just isn't a sandwich without 2 pieces of the almighty's flesh

Gray said...

i was in your spare room earlier today, who knows where i'll wind up tomorrow, but if you smell meatball Hot Pockets...chances are i'll be nearby.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Any way to get Skyward To Triumph up here too?


Anonymous said...

Would love to see a re-up of this.

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