Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Enemymine - Enemymine

Label: K
Year: 1999

Sorta by request, or just because someone showed interest, or maybe because I said I would post this sometime last year. Or possibly due to a combination of all three, may I present the debut ep by Enemymine. The band that featured ex-Godheadsilo bassist Mike Kunka on bass, ex-Low bassist Zack Sally on another bass, and ex-Mocket Danny Sasaki drummer on drums. They were a short lived trio that came, saw, and destroyed, but then went, left, and fizzled. 
I posted the album some time back, which has more of a description of the music, but just imagine Godheadsilo with some very slight indie undercurrents, and slightly less abrasive. Good stuff all around.

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