Friday, April 17, 2009

whale - we care/all disco dance must end in broken bones/singles and rarities

we care released in 1995
all disco dance must end in broken bone released in 1998

(it was brought to my attention that the link for ALL GOOD DISCO DANCES MUST END IN BROKEN BONES was messed i'm putting it all up again...but for some reason track 5 ran away...i don't know why...there was no note...which is totally like something track 5 would everything else should be kosher...if not...say something)

i remember seeing the band's video for the song "hobo humpin' slobo babe" on 120 minutes back in the day

and i was hooked

it was their singer cia was her lollipop...and her braces

but...if it was the boys wearing tin foil shorts that did it for you...hey man...i'm not here to judge

and i remember scouring music stores for this album...and at the time all i could come up with was a cassingle for the song "hobo humpin' slobo babe" (remember those?)...and i kept bugging employees at the local music store about the album...and finally they got it (a year later) copy...and they held it for me just in case someone else picked it up (which i highly doubt would've happened...this was a little too out there for the kids in said town)

the only way i could describe this is a more upbeat sounding portishead with some punk rock bjork thrown in...but from sweden

and if you're looking for some bass to make that trunk's all here (provided by trip hop fella tricky)...just listen to "electricity" and "tryzasnice"

and yeah...this is a little different than anything else put on this blog...but dammit...she's cute and you will listen to her!

and you know...seeing as how i'm a nice guy...i'm going to give you their other album as well...because need them both

don't just do

these were the only two full lengths that were released in america (they'd released multiple albums back in the homeland under the name southern whale cult)

on all disco dance must end in broken bones they tone it down just a little...they've still got the portishead thing going on...but they're also massively attacking the pixies garbage (see what i did there?)

and if anything...they were friends with steve albini...that's gotta mean something...right?

we care

all disco dance must end in broken bones

and seeing as how well this band was remembered by most of you...i'm gonna toss some singles and such on the table

and this...find out:


Anonymous said...

sweet... love whale, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you had to search for this back in the day. I got a promo copy when I worked at the record store. I think I was the only one on the staff who liked it. It really is a great album!

Spiderr said...

Thank you very much, I was looking for this album long time!


Thanks for the Whale! I wanted to let you know that the download for all disco is loaded with DRM and I cant open the file. Dont know if you could fix this or not.

Jason said...

My story with this band is almost exactly like yours (right down to seeing it on 120 Minutes back in the day, when you could actually discover new music through such channels), except no record store could help me out. You have just solved a 15 year mystery for me, and I'm so damned happy about it. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

similar experience , got we care soon as it came out. wasnt that fond of disco although it is a grower

Iwish they were still around. We need more crazy good ish noawadays.

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