Sunday, April 19, 2009

v/a - victory style II

released 1997

a few posts back i gave the 40 year old goth punks something to get stoked i figured that i'd go to the opposite end of the spectrum and give the Xd up backpack wearing crowd another reason to start picking up change off the floor again

and you may remember a few years back on this very blog that the glory days of the victory records label was discussed...words were exchanged...liquids were dumped (and speaking of which...i'm still waiting for you to pick up this dry cleaning know who you are)...and with this can't go wrong in saying that it captures not only the glory days of victory...but it's also a pretty decent showing of where hardcore was in the mid 90's (the glory days for that as well)

this is what it was all about before the signings of the emotional tight pantsed brigade

so put your new old hardcore albums down...and walk away....

1 - earth crisis - gomorrah's season ends
2 - strife - force of change
3 - snapcase - caboose
4 - warzone - united worldwide
5 - cast iron hike - let me down
6 - integrity - rise
7 - deadguy - turk 182
8 - cause for alarm - lies
9 - baby gopal - lost generation
10 - doughnuts - hands too small
11 - hi fi and the roadburners - get up and go
12 - guilt - untitled #3
13 - refused - it's not ok
14 - the path of resistance - counter
15 - by the grace of god - november's lie
16 - bloodlet - eucharist

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