Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wetnurse - Wetnurse

Label: Self Released
Year: 2004

In 2008 Wetnurse released one of the top ten best albums of that year, "Invisible City", which I believe was posted around here somewhere. You should go buy it. Well, rewind four years and you can hear the band in their formative years, honing their noise rock / metal hybrid on this self released, self titled, debut.
This record leans far more to the metal side of the spectrum, and even allows in some modern hardcore, which might not seem like a good idea (oh, hey, yeah...metalcore...uh yeah, i was totally gonna call you back....but...uh...hey, what's that over there?), but they handle it well. I spy some Coalesce, some Akimbo, maybe some Keelhaul in mix, a little Unsane, a dab of old Isis, hell, some Voivod even. You get what I'm saying? Whereas "Invisible City" leans more towards Jesus Lizard as played by metallers, "Wetnurse" sticks with more of a riff-tastic frenzy than a noisy groove.
In the end, the band has gotten better since this record, but this record is still metal excursion worth taking. Just keep your hands and feet inside the bus...and sit down...hey...be quiet back there, the metal excursion is starting! Who farted?

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