Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clockcleaner - The Hassler + Nevermind

Year: 2004, 2006
Label: Manic Ride, Reptilian

By request for Mr. Fay Fock, here's the Clockcleaner you ordered sir.

"The Hassler" was their first lp, and it cribbed pretty hard from both The Jesus Lizard and Big Black (not bad bands to pay homage to nonetheless), with it's throbbing bass-lines and scratching guitar riffs. The vocals are pretty much driven into the red for most of the proceedings, but lyrically things stay pretty negative when you can make them out. It's a hot shit record no doubt.

"Nevermind" was their second lp, and while still using the early 90s noise rock canon as it's major touchstone, this time around they started integrating Flipper influences, and it ends up sounding vaguely like The VSS, although less spazzy. Nah'mean? The bass is less prominent, and the songs got a little more sinister sounding. I suppose it sounds exactly like what it is, a bridge between the 1st and 2nd records, when they went from Big'N to Birthday Party. 

The best story about Clockcleaner was when they opened for the reunited Negative Approach in Brooklyn, and decided to mock Negative Approach by playing a super slow, 15 minute version of "Ready To Fight" (which of course, NA would have in their set list as well). Needless to say, the meatheads were bummed, and there were numerous attempts made to fight the band, but ultimately they prevailed, and even released that performance as a 12". 


proven hollow said...


"yeah it's called your vagina"

was pretty fuckin funny.

Gray said...

i was talking about inkwell today at lunch with matt mauldin and james joyce...good times.

ipecac said...

and the sad part i can't put any third eye blind here now

i'll just have to step back from that ledge,my friend

i hope you understand

Employee said...

Has Gray or anyone ever post Big Black- Pigpile? If not I would like to formally turn this into a request. If you have already I apologize for my oversight.

Gray said...

we can do that. hold please.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm glad to finally get to hear this album, and I can safely say: What an overhyped bunch of mediocrity. Art students playing toughguys. Ooh, they dissed Negative Approach, who gives a fuck?

I do thing SGM's the best music blog going, though.


Anonymous said...

as far as I know none of the members of Clockcleaner ever went to art school, well maybe the original bassist who only played on the 1st album.

you had to see them live to really get the full exprerience. usually some sort of maybe staged-maybe not riot or beer splattered all-Oi covers set complete with naked dudes rolling around on the floor.

In the 5 or 6 times I've seen them, I don't think I saw them play a full song until their last show a few weeks ago- where they pissed off their fans by playing a short, sweet, tight & solid set with no bullshit.

If you like this you should also check out the Violent Students (basically a clockcleaner side project, but noisier)

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