Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion - Volume 6

Alright already, this will be the last time you have to suffer through my sales pitch whilst searching for pirated music. This will be the last time I say, "if you live anywhere near Atlanta, come on out, it will be fun". This will be the last time I have to think of a way to describe my own band's sound. 
That being said...if you do live anywhere near Atlanta, you should get your sluggish ass to the Drunken Unicorn for one final night of knuckle-dragging southern apocalyptic boogie dirge. 

Doors are at 9:00, it's 18+, I think $5 for 21+ and $8 for 18-20, first band on at 10:00

Hell Comes To Town - lumbering bear awoken from winter slumber wildly swings paws at cave intruders. If it means anything, the guitarist was in the original Zoroaster lineup.

G.G. King - frantic babysitter realizes child in her care has wandered over to the edge of the family pool, of course, she's a little too buzzed to really do anything but laugh. If it means anything, the band is made up of the old Carbonas, and Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, and many many more.

Sonn Av Krusher - naive boy accepts invitation for ice cream and cartoons in the apartment adjacent the bicycle shop, decides it's worth the ice cream to humor an older man in the sunset of his boy sees wad of cash in sock drawer he will pocket later after old man falls asleep...and not to feels alright.


ipecac said...

just as long as you're dead serious about rockin' a headband

Mars said...

Who had a kid thus destroying the R&R fantasy?

Gray said...

dude, the band is as fertile as they come...there are 6 children between all 3 members. the eldest child being 17(?!) and the youngest being one.

believe it!

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