Monday, April 13, 2009

Burning Brides - Hang Love

Label: Modern Method
Year: 2007

So I finally tracked down a copy of this, the third record from rock-n-roll party animals Burning Brides, and sweet jesus does it rip! The riffs are even riffier, the tones are heavier, and the overall vibe is more menacing and sinister than before. I mean, you still get your nuts (or ovaries) rocked the fuck off, but this time around it's with extreme prejudice. Seems to me that they came off their ill-fated major label run with a sneering batch of venomous jams to re-assert themselves as the premier hard rock band in America, and you know what? They just might be.
The key is that this band can fucking play. Dimitri Coats can slay the guitar, and they got Pete Beeman from Guzzard on drums, and you know that fool can get around a drum-set quick fast (and in a hurry no doubt). So musically, they're a hard act to follow. Plus, they understand how to write a catchy pop song, and then dunk it into the sludgy murk of their ink-black bile. It's a real thing of beauty man, for reals, I mean it. It's not unlike Nirvana in that respect, not that it really sounds that much like Nirvana (more Mudhoney...still), but they have the knack for subverting heaviness with catchiness. 
Go for it.


proven hollow said...

interesting. i designed their first album. sweetest people ever, but they quickly forgot about me and then redesigned the album once they re-released it. haha. i dont think i even heard their major label record, but obviously it didnt go anywhere. i'll give this one a shot. my previous "band-mates" said that they smoked more pot than they have ever seen in their lives. and knowing my previous band-mates, that must have been a lot of fucking pot.

Orange80 said...

Absolutely great band and Hang Love is their best. Go see them live. Great post!

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