Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ok...before i wake up to find tony brummel's head next to me....


there have been some heated words exchaged around the SGM office as of late...and me finding my donuts sucked free of their bavarian cream in the cooler in the break room...well...that was the last straw

now...in the past i've made some references to the victory records label...and apparently folks are starting to think that i'm all about the label...and that i have the label's mascot tattooed on my back (and for those of you not in the know...it's a white bulldog)

honestly...i only like about a handful of the label's bands....those being: deadguy (even after tim singer left...i figured that this deadguy was better than no deadguy)...a little snapcase...a little earth crisis...bloodlet...cast iron hike...a little hatebreed...a little strife...the one minus album...iceburn...

so...i'm far from championing the label...though i keep making references to the "glory days"

as for the last 2 victory posts i've made...i just decided to post them because they took me back to growing up and such

and i will agree that yes...the label is far from being victorious...tony victory is either a sell-out or a genius snake oil salesman

so...now...i hope that i've proven my point

and to whoever stole my bavarian cream...i'd like to have it back...so...i'm gonna go use the restroom...and i'm gonna be gone for at least 15 minutes...i'll leave a drawer open...and i won't ask any questions


jaginguene said...

I don't really know what Victory is putting out these days but the bands you mention but out some fine albums on Victory.
I had one of the Victory records videotape from back then, lots of shite but the Integrity video for Systems overload is brilliant... Can't find it on youtube though...

Gray said...

you shall not be allowed free reign to post Victory Records compilations (unless it's Only The Strong vol. 1) without bearing the rammifications of your actions vis a vis, my foot in your ass. i won't stand for it.

and, i have it on good authority, that you either have the Victory poodle tattooed on your right buttcheek (next to that ...what is that, a strawberry?), or the world's most unfortunate birthmark. if the latter is the case, please contact me immediately and i will put you in touch with my dermatoligist, he's fantastic.

...coming out of ibernation to post Victory Records comps...the nerve of that guy.

ipecac said...

is this the one that removed "the twin"?

i still have dreams about that...

i'm not able to eat pie without shuddering...and i like pie

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