Tuesday, April 21, 2009

minus - jesus christ bobby

released 2001

i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this would have to be the most extreme (though not the heaviest) release put out on a certain label

they were being touted as the "new refused" at one time...though if they had to be compared to a band now...i'd go as far comparing them to converge if jacob bannon's vocals were more dragging your nails across a chalkboard and less BRAH RAAAH SHAAAAH!...but totally understandable somewhat

though sadly after this album...the band pretty much ditched the vocal style and the intensity and adopted a more straightforward rawk and roll style...they'd actually fit in more with the previously (un)mentioned label's roster nowadays

this is perfect drive time commute music

(they share a homeland with bjork...not refused...someone please take my passport away from me forcefully)



M. Arthur Douglas Daley said...

actually, these guys are from iceland not sweden...

BenB said...

Could you possibly re-up this and post any other Mínus records? Can't find link for them anywhere. Thanks.

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