Monday, March 9, 2009

V/A - Skate Rock vol. 2 - Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks

Label: High Speed Productions
Year: 1984

Well, fuck, how was I gonna leave you hanging with just one dose of Skate Rock? I can't do that friends, I'm not that kind of guy. I am, how you say, a giver.
So this volume is probably more "skate rock" than the last one I posted, meaning, it's less shredding hardcore and more shredding punk. So like, while Volume three would be appropriate to rip on the boombox during an especially heated jump ramp session, Volume 2 is going to be more likely to amp us the session when you're killing some parking block slappys. I would also allow this to be played at the Joe Lopes Memorial Bar-B-Que mini-ramp session without penalty. Hell, this one would also work for a sikk ditch schralp (yeah, that's right..."schralp"...fucking spellcheck that one). 
Also, this volume tends to feature those bands that haunted the back pages of Thrasher, the one who you might catch a glimpse of in Puszone, or a photo of some Thrasher party at Mabuhay Gardens pr something. The bands that trolled the Future Primitive soundtrack (not literally though...that would actually have been Los Pukes and Rad Boyz...but rest assured they'd have been right at home here). So lace up your Vans, break out the old Santa Cruz, the one with Indys and OJII's, and go lay down a bert in your driveway for heaven's sake. Surely your wife will bow her head in embarrassment when you have trouble righting yourself, and your neighbors will definitely lose whatever modicum of respect they may have had for you...but goddamn it, Rob "The Barn" Roskopp did not die in vain! (Rob Roskopp is actually alive and well, fatter, balder, and running Santa Cruz Bikes[?!], stalling his lard ass in a mean tail block right now no doubt)  
To Thrasher's credit most of these songs are either previously unreleased or different versions of released material.

The bands:
Big Boys
Anvil Chorus
The Faction
Los Olvidados
Free Beer
Tales Of Terror
Ancestors: Gods Of Sound
Drunk Injuns


cdb said...

Are you gonna post volume 5? I need some Screamin' Lord Salba and his Heavy Friends.

Gray said...

i only have 1-4 as digital files, and volume 4 sucks ass, it's the weird rap and crossover hardcore version featuring the "talents" of skatemaster tate, solo steve cabellero, and so on. not good. volume 1 is awesome, and i'll probably get around to posting that one eventually.
i'll look around for volume 5, but i really want volume 7, the "noise forest" volume...anyone? anyone?

cdb said...

I was being slightly sarcastic. Most of volume 5 sucks too, though No Mercy, Excel, and a few others are good.

Gray said...

please don't joke about Skate Rock alright. it only serves to make you look like a fool.

James Joyce said...

I got Volume 4 on LP at Book Nook when I was 16 or so. That's the only original I have, but there are some good nostalgic numbers on there. The Skatemaster Tate song has always been skipped, even back then. What was up with that guy?

What about the tape I brought you back from Holland? Do you need that digitized?

Jeff said...

That's one fine compilation right there. The Drunk Injuns "She Gots a Gun" is savage!

Anonymous said...

Thank You I used to have this ages ago and who knows where it went to.

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