Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unwound - Live in Toulouse - 01-06-99

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1999

I figured I'd end the evening with another live recording provided by one of our commenter's. Three posts in one day, all live. If I was smarter I could think of a play on words there, but alas, I am but a buffoon. A sad and confused man-monkey...randomly banging my paws on the keyboard, ceasing only to eat termites and hurl my own feces against the monitor in front of my bewildered eyes. 
So anyway.
You know who Unwound is. You understand that they tended to play their songs in front of a paying audience. Occasionally that audience was in Toulouse France at a place called the Dollar Pub. Beknownst, or unbeknownst to the members of Unwound, some people would take it upon themselves to document the performance they (assumed) had paid to see in the form of a audio archive. 
Just so happens, we got one right here. What are the odds?
Unwound are the best at what they do. Done. Did. I know it's queer to "have a favorite band" or whatever, and no, I'm not still in second grade, but I dare say, around the time of "New Plastic Ideas", Unwound were pretty much the best thing going. So the thought of having a really great sounding bootleg of a show that hits a lot of the high points from that album? Well, I might just scribble their logo on the front of my Trapper Keeper.


James Joyce said...

Funny that a live album from 1999 would include so much from their release in 1994? I remember them having such a reputation for playing terrible live shows, but I think it was probably slander in the punk community. I saw them several times from 1995 to their last tour for the Leaves Turn Inside You album, and I was never disappointed.

Manel said...

The comenter that provided the link is still around ;)
One of my favorite bands of all time, no question.
I live in Barcelona and Unw played here in front of 35 people (around the time this bootleg was recorded) and still played a great, dark and exciting performance. I got a very different vibe than the one I knew from the records, know what I menan? almost like a jazz band, they didn´t just play the songs, they performed them.
Got to talk to Justin for a while that night, and he seemed surprised that people loved the band in Barcelona -which was my case-.

I miss Hoover and Unwound so fucking much!

graves666 said...

awesome. thanks! i saw them numerous times live and always loved them. I wish they were still around.. unwound is truly missed.

reservatory said...

THANKS for this! A friend dragged me to see them in Portland on their last go-round. When I bought Yank Crime a few months later, I convinced myself that Unwound covered Do You Compute that night. Am I delusional?

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