Friday, March 13, 2009

Lubricated Goat - Plays The Devil's Music

Label: Black Eye / Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1987

"Even the birds in the trees seemed to whisper, 'get fucked'" Oh, Lubricated are diabolical! 
Keeping with the Australian theme of late, here's the best satanic carnival music you're most likely to hear all day. Assuming you like that kind of thing. I'm betting you do.
From the same scene that brought us Thug and Beasts Of Bourbon comes Lubricated Goat, who's aim seems to be in redefining the rock band structure whilst still adhering to her basic tenets. Understand? No? Alright, I mean that they have guitar, bass, drums, and dude singing. That's easy. But then they fuck around with odd instrumentation (balloons, beer bottles, etc,) and manipulate and distort the "regular" instruments into submission. The result isn't some far-out noise freakazoid, but rather a real trashy take on o.g. punk rock. Like Stooges style punk, but given some hillbilly trucker speed injections. The closest band I can think of that sounds anything like this band might be The Crows who were on Amphetamine Reptile as well.
Whatever the process, the music lends itself to a good time, and while it's mean and aggressive, and sometimes a bit morose, it still manages to sound fun somehow. I don't exactly know how, but then again...I'm not Australian. Also, to the best of my knowledge, Lubricated Goat shared no members with Men At Work or INXS. Just f.y.i.



Mr. Amsterdamned said...

Great post! Cheers.

You don't happen to have LG's Forces You don't Understand or the album by The Crows?

1009 said...

I'm a big Bloodloss fan, but I haven't heard these guys yet. Thanks for the introduction. Any other recommendations?

Anonymous said...

you wouldn't by any chance happen to have the Schadenfreude ep or Forces you don't Understand lp, thanks for all the recent posts
the Magumbo head

Gray said...

I do not have the Forces You Don't Understand lp, but maybe one of our fine, upstanding, readers might and may be inclined to share? Maybe?

God of the Voodoo Moon said...

And I will! For I AM the finest, most upstanding reader of any blog ever.

Here it is:

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