Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crash Worship - This

Label: Alarma
Year: 1987

Originally released as a cassette, their second, before they moved on to the wonderful world of hi fidelity compact disc and vinyl. Whee!
They were a legendary live band, one I never saw (so honestly, how "legendary" could they have been if they didn't grace my little backwater hometown?). But if rumors are to be believed, they created an all-encompassing debaucheries experience rife with nudity, fire, ritualistic behavior, and trance inducing psychedelic freak-outs. Sounds kinda fun, unless you consider the other Burning Man motherfuckers who you're going to be getting all nude and shit with. I picture lots of dreadlocks, and Beyond Thunderdome wardrobes...sexy.
Also, can I pose the question; how does San Diego continue to defy it's fantastic weather and killer shore breaks with this kind of blackened musical output? What gives?! The burritos at Pokez are great, but are hey laced with some sort of happiness-saltpeter? Yo no se. San Diego is a weird place.
Musically, Crash Worship are percussion based and fall within that "tribal/industrial/neo-folk/noise/drone" family of bands. Usually those bands end up being racist, and I can't vouch either way for Crash Worship, although one member went on to join Blood Axis, and well, they're pretty much racist, so... Other members went on to be in Pure, Minority Of One, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Motherhead Bug, Physics (who are fucking awesome), and oddly enough Quintron and Miss Pussycat.



Pinky Royale said...

Fo-fillion thank yous for this! I was lucky enough to see Crash Worship a few times in the Bay Area back in the day. The first time was at Gilman Street. I had no idea what was going on and I was convinced I was going to get blown up the the club was going to get burned to the ground. The rumors are true. There was an orgy, explosions, fire, drums, noise, cowboy hats, furry body suits a la Chucky Cheese, free wine, and chaos. It was amazing every time.

Anonymous said...

I saw CW in NY in the late 90's. It was great fun, but there was some weird stuff going on. Really strong fecal smell in the air, I don't know if somebody was chucking shit at the stage, but it seemed to be the case.

Anonymous said...

blood axis are not racist you douche

Sean said...

I used to get Crash Worship and Thrill Hammer tunes on mix tapes from a girl in PDX, and used to wonder what was in the water. Thanks so much for posting this one..and while the burritos at Pokez ARE great, they don't serve coffee! And that's a sin.

convertido said...

I saw them once in Dallas during the early to mid 90s and all I remember is a lot of smoke, fire and breasts, not a bad evening spent at all.

samoht606 said...

seen this band a bunch of times in ATL some of the most evil shit i have ever seen i loved it i drank blood at one of their shows at the highlander and saw the gates of heaven

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