Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Milkmine - Braille

Label: Choke Inc.
Year: 1994

Sentenced to obscurity by the untimely demise of their label Choke Inc. (also home to Craw, Morsel, and Jaks), Milkmine is a hidden gem of chaotic, noisy, Midwestern nastiness. They employed the 'ole two bassists, one drummer set-up, and if I had a nickel for every time I've seen that chestnut of a trick...I'd probably owe you a couple dollars somehow.
Not only are you in for a considerably auditory beat-down via this album, but you're also about to be blessed with the sweetest "boy comes out to his father" tale in the song "Split Tail". 
Sample lyrics:
Fag...split tail (don't dare tell my wife I'm a)
Fag...split tail (don't dare tell my wife you're a)
Fag...can't believe you looked at me with wanting eyes
I mean, it tears at the heartstrings does it not?
So go ahead and listen already, especially if you gravitate towards things that come unhinged easily, or Godheadsilo's "crazier" moments. This band should have been huge, but whatever, history is a cruel mistress.



cdb said...

best thing you've posted in weeks. WEEKS.

Gray said...

so now you're a comedian?

Anonymous said...

Awesome man!! Huge thanks!

Will D said...

Thanks for trying to rescue these guys from obscurity. Great album

Jonathan Cargill said...

These guys are from Cincinnati, Ohio. I've saw them several times back in the day. Totally controlled chaos. At the live shows the singer/bass player would spit in people's faces point blank. It kind of became the norm for people to spit in each other's faces at their shows.

Anonymous said...

SWEET. the drummer, whom is my neighbor now, here in oregon, plays music around the valley with people. He is an AWESOME drummer, although some people dont like how LOUD he is. But he told me he used to tour, told me to look up Milkmine. and holy cow here it is. kickass!

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