Thursday, January 8, 2009

Skullfuzz - Skullfuzz

Label: Hawthorne Street
Year: 2005 

This record might fit better on a blog liked Sludge Swamp, but hey, there's a lot of internet out there, and shit like this might otherwise fall through the cracks. So what you get is a stoner rock record as played by post hardcore dudes. Right? Sure.
The band is made up of Cache Tolman (Iceburn, Rival Schools, Civ), Charlie Walker (Split Lip, Chamberlin), and JJ Johnson (Walking Concert, J Majesty, New End Original), or I should say, "was" made up of those guys, because they broke up after this album. They got together to kick out the proverbial jams so to speak and ended up with a rock album that sounds nothing like any of their previous endeavours. Like, I didn't reckon the dude from Split Lip was capable of this Kyuss/QOTSA/Fu Manchu/B'Last/Soundgarden/The Cult/Danzig melange, but here it is. Listen for yourself. It's all fuzzy, groovy, smoked out, riff rock. 
I like it, and it flies under the radar, so give it a shot.


Jeffrey said...

whoa, charlie walker?! i bet this sounds just like 'for the love of the wounded'!

Gray said...

makes you think charlie walker might not be spinning his previous band's discography much these days.

did you listen to it?

Cheeto said...

Love ya, man. I have to post this eventually on the Swamp. You'll get all credits...It's really good. Thanx so much for this.

Employee said...

such a over looked gem

Psymin said...

Thanks alot for this what a corker.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Sounds verrrrrrry interrrrrrestink. D/L'd it cuz you said it was good. IT BETTER BE!!

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