Thursday, January 8, 2009

Burning Brides - Fall Of The Plastic Empire

Label: File 13
Year: 2001

The best Mudhoney album ever released by a band that's not Mudhoney. 
Alright, alright, that's a cheap shot, and this record is definitely worthy to stand on it's own merits, but damn do they ever like Mudhoney. They have crafted a record of hard charging pop songs in the tradition of the grunge and stoner rock bands of the decade preceding, giving those jams a new sheen for the new millennium. Burning Brides co-opts a lot of different types of music to pull together what is basically a rock-n-roll record that appeals to a pretty wide audience. I haven't met many people who didn't like this record when they listened to it. 
After this album, they signed to V2 and put out another record with the drummer from Hot Snakes on board, and then he quit, and they got the drummer from Guzzard and recorded another album, and lately they put out their newest record which I haven't heard yet, so I can't vouch for it. Everything I have heard by the band, I like a lot, it's just catchy good-time rock. I mean, what the fuck, you don't like catchy good-time rock all of the sudden? What are you, goth?


Cheeto said...

And, this is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I've always been a big fan of Burning Brides and I've seen them live many times. They put on a great show every time, by the way. I feel hang Love is their strongest album...check it out.

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