Sunday, January 4, 2009

Galleon's Lap - Themes And Variations

Label: Scorch
Year: 1991

This one is more historical artifact than anything else, as the band features Nate Mendel and Greg Anderson back when they were prone to rock straight edge emo hardcore. Don't forget, both of those dudes have long pedigrees that involve hooded sweatshirts and camo cut-offs; Greg Anderson was in False Liberty, Amenity, Brotherhood, Inner Strength, and Statement before dooming in and dropping out, and Nate Mendel was in Brotherhood, and Christ On A Crutch before helping to define emo in Sunny Day Real Estate. I'm sure they've both done the two finger point more times than they care to remember.
I got this record as a cassette demo back when it came out (as I was prone to buy anything straight edge hardcore related, sight unseen in those days), and I guess they pressed it on vinyl as well, but I've never seen that version. 
Like I said, musically it's not going to change your life, but if you ever liked early 90s hardcore, or you're a completist for one of the guys in the band then go for it. Melodic hardcore with some older Dischord Records influence, plus a little "chugga" (just a little), and no mosh parts. 

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Travis and Mariana said...

You're wrong only on one point.

This record did change my life. Its incredible. It is dated, but I have to say that I still listen to this album way more than any Foo Fighter or SUNN 0 record on the market.

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