Monday, January 5, 2009

Fluf - Home Improvements

Label: Headhunter / Cargo
Year: 1994

When I was a younger, fitter man, I had one foot firmly in the world of punk rock, the other foot in the world of skateboarding. Two things that went hand in hand, things that feed off each other. So through skateboarding I got turned on to a few bands, and Fluf was one of them due to the presence of the Otis Barthoulameu, better known as skateboard photographer "O", as the singer/guitarist for the band. O had also been a member of quasi-band Titus Skate Rock Band who were made up of O, Lance Mountain, and Neil Blender and featured in the video Future Primitive, and the real band Olivelawn who were pretty decent riff-rock in the beginning of 1990. 
Fluf is kind of a strange proposition in that they effortlessly blend pop punk with some pretty heavy and distorted grungy rock. It's got moments of Tad, Seaweed, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Husker Du, Fugazi, Mudhoney, and Rocket From The Crypt, but doesn't really sound like any of those bands in specific. It really just sounds like the time in which it was released...early 90's alternative rock. Whatever that means to you. I dig it, I hadn't listened to this record in a long time, but it still rocks pretty well 15 years after it's release. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Great album... you can certainly hear a bit of Husker Du influence... mostly it's just really good stuff.

Jacker of Onasis said...

thanks for the kind words friend... O
checkout the going ons in my world at
thanks again...

Gray said...

Holy shit...the real "O"?! Thanks for checking in, I'll definitly look in on your site, keeping my fingers crossed for some John Grigley pics no doubt.

You got any new musical projects?

Anonymous said...

Love this record! Have fond memories of this as a teenager but somehow lost my copy (reckon I know who ganked it!!)

Great to reminisce about those days

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