Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion - Volume 2

Here we go again...Sonn Av Krusher is playing this Saturday night at the Drunken Unicorn in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. If you live in the area, and like any of the music posted on this blog, come on out and peep it. Should be a great show, with a good mix of bands.

More music posts on the way soon.

Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys.


J. Hyde said...

I have spent the wee hours of my Tuesday raiding your vaults...good god. Thank you for upping all the things that made the nineties good. I grew up in Peoria...saw the Jesus Lizard six times (once, at the Vic, David Yow kicked his monitor into the back of a bottle of beer I was swiggin on and chipped my front tooth, I was summarily pummelled by his bootheels at every show. There's a great mention of their Peoria gig in a Rolling Stone piece on them from that time), Tar: four, and anything on Amrep I could drive to in five hours or less. Played in a band that opened for Pachinko and Eyehategod (who are total douchebag pussies, turns out. EHG, not Pachinko) Just a thought, do you happen to have any of that great Trance Syndicate stuff from back then? I saw a few things, but how about Drain? Johnboy? solo Paul Leary, etc... anyways, you're the shit, bro. Thanks.

Mars said...

Hey, I totally missed that show. I live in town, too! I'll make the next one - I've got a band coming soon - Penta Cons - we should play togevah! You like this stuff you'll like our stuff.

Mars said...

Who did the flyer? It's golden.

Gray said...

i made the flyer...even as a 34 year old man with two children, i am still compelled to draw stupid shit and post it around town.

when you get your band together hit us up, we'll book a show with you.

we're playing tomorrow (Friday the 5th) so come on out.

Gray said...

Mr. Hyde,

thanks for the comments, and stories, they are appreciated. let me see what i can dig up from the trance syndicate days. i'm sure i have some of that stuff around here.

keep 'er vertical

Mars said...

Aw Gaddamit! Make sure to send a Myspace bulletin or email, I don't make it over here everyday!

You hear Jesus Lizard woke up?

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