Thursday, November 27, 2008

Part Chimp - I Am Come

Year: 2005
Label: Monitor / Rock Action

Overlooked band from Glasgow, Scotland, and that's a real shame because they kill. They are completely fantastic, and this, their second album fucking slays. They are on Mogwai's label, and you may hear that influence on the opening track, but once you get on from there, it's just rocking, catchy, driving, quiet/loud, goodness. I think someone somewhere described them as "Pavement covering Black Sabbath", which isn't too far off. There's some crazy psychedelic metal in there, some pure pop indie rock, some creeping sludge, and some good old fashioned grungy noise rock. Teenage Fanclub versus Torche? Chavez versus Todd? 

I'm surprised this band isn't huge. Of course, I'm surprised I'm not huge either, but that's sort of another issue I suppose. 


the worried well said...

Gonna have to be a dick and point out these guys are from London. As a Glaswegian I'd claim them if I could. Great band.


A. Pedant Esq.

Gray said...

good heavens...i owe you and the sovereign state of scotland an apology. thank you for pointing that out.

maybe it was all the mogwai talk that got me mixed up.

NANOCK said...

Gracias loko por este tremendo disco, muy buena la banda...saludos desde Chile...¡ salud !

Chairmaker said...

Excellent band.

julius orange said...

are these guys still a band? this album and the other one they put out both rule...criminally underrated band.

chnkltgy said...

New album out in Spring '09 called "Thriller".

Shanks said...

Saw these guys opening for Mogwai a few years ago, and I thought they were awesome, but I never got around to looking for a cd.

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