Friday, October 24, 2008

Mount Shasta - Put The Creep On

Year: 1994
Label: Skin Graft

There's a pretty decent chance you already own this record, and for good reason. Because if you were alive and operating within the confines of heavy music in the early 1990's, almost everything Skin Graft Records was putting out got snatched up. 
Two members of this band had just relocated from Atlanta to Chicago once they disbanded their Georgian band Dirt (who's discography has been posted over at Beyond Failure, and should most definitely be picked up), and quickly got to work as Mount Shasta. They hooked up with the fairly new Skin Graft Records who were making a name for themselves with lavish packaging and impeccable taste. The band did what all noiseniks of the time did, they booked studio time with Steve Albini, and out popped this little doozy (they did have a 7" before this album). Rumbling, tumbling, gnashing of teeth music. A perennial favorite of mine.
If you missed it the first time around, or maybe your vinyl copy is scratched, do rekindle your love affair with Mount Shasta.

Sorry about the run-on sentences, the poor grammar, and general lack of cohesion on this post...there's a good chance I am/was drunk when it was written.

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