Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Of The Juanitas - In The Dirt

Year: 2005
Label: Wantage USA

More knotted, tangled, dense uber music from the Juanitas. If you dug the sludgy math rock of the Hawaii album posted earlier, then you'll be fine with this one too. In fact, the production on this one is better giving an air of colossal crushing to the record. The songs twist and turn on a dime, but always remain intense...and heavy. Not Floor heavy, more like Unsane heavy. In fact, I think this one sounds pretty much like Unsane covering Drive Like Jehu. 
A sidebar, and something I neglected to mention in their last post, but the guitarist of Last Of The Juanitas used to play in Shiny Beast who were from my home state of North Cacka, and released an awesome split lp with the equally cool Regraped from Chapel Hill. Regraped played my house in Athens, Georgia, but I never got to see Shiny Beast. If I ever figure out, or show the imitative to hook my turntable up to my computer I'll post that split.
Also, listen to track 7, "Human Cannonball" and tell me it doesn't sound like the Mondo Generator song "Another Tension Head".


The Dust Bowl said...

thanks for posting this...this is GREAT record. Nice to see a another person form North Cackalaka.

pinto said...

This is fantastic! Thank you. Since you mentioned Shiny Beast, would you mind posting some?

Gray said...

i am trying to get my rig set up to rip vinyl, so i will be able to get more music up here, including Shiny Beast, soon. i hope.

i'm not really that "technically saavy", or even "smart" per se, so these things are a challenge for me.

pinto said...

I'm in the same situation. I have a ton of music on vinyl that I wouldn't mind having MP3's of but I've never taken the effort to try and figure out how to do it mostly out of sheer laziness.

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