Monday, October 20, 2008

Fluid - Roadmouth

Year: 1989
Label: Glitterhouse / SubPop

What you got here is your European version of the Roadmouth record which is only different from the domestic SubPop version in that it contains one extra song (from their Punch and Judy album) for some reason. Weird.
Did you know that The Fluid were the first non-Seattle band to be signed to Subpop? That's pretty good for a band for the rock megalopolis of Denver. Did you also know this record was recorded Jack Endino? Also, not a bad stat for the Rocky Mountain rockers. Did you also know that when you release your album around the same time Nirvana releases "Bleach" nobody is going to pay much attention it? Of course by "everybody", I mean "everybody" who was buying Nirvana records in 1989. Those people were all, "Fluid who?". Then the band would come to their local college town and lay waste. Full on, bar band, grunge, loud ass waste, with more wah wah pedal then you were probably expecting. This band slayed live, they were really good, the songs were big and catchy, but still kinda sludgy and gnarly (I guess that was what made "grunge" grungy huh?), and they were loud as fuck. I used to have one of their shirts, the one with the Ford logo, and the back said "Volume is job one". No shit.
This is as close to cock rock as you're allowed to get and still pull it off.



Anonymous said...

I got this LP when it first came out at Volume Records in Newcastle and still own all the original Fluid vinyl ! I saw these guy's open for Tad at the Riverside Club around the time the Glue 12" came out. Thanks again for the download !

Big Cam

Anonymous said...

These guys just got back together. Hopefully, for a while.

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