Monday, October 20, 2008

Cows - Taint Pluribus Taint Unum

Year: 1987
Label: Treehouse

Thar she blows, the debut record by Cows, the record that launched a bizzaro band on a bizarro journey. They injected a warped since of humor into some seriously distorted noise rock. They came across as somewhat "backwoods" in their approach, as the music was certainly blues based, it also had hints of country. Also, lead singer Shannon Selburg's antics onstage ended to upstage the bands music (at least in the early days) and also lend an air of "redneck retard" to the festivities. The one time I saw them was in 1992 in Athens, Georgia, and he was wearing a blow-up, the whole doll. It was really hard to get a boner over this nude doll when every so often a dudes parts would pop out. Of course, it's really hard to get a boner to Cows music anyway. This is not "sexin" music. In fact, I defy you to make sweet sweet love to your old woman/old man with this as the soundtrack. Unless you're repertoire involves such lines as "it puts the lotion in the basket", I doubt you'll be getting much action so long as this jam is blasting.
If you don't know this band, try Butthole Surfers + Mudhoney. 


pinto said...

Just saw Heroine Sheiks play last weekend and he still rocks live. He doesn't quite have the blow-up doll on stage antics of the Cows days but the attitude is still there. I still remember the Cows Halloween show years ago when he came on stage wearing nothing but whip cream (or maybe shaving cream?)

Rocky said...

thanks man. It is a shame that most of Cows Discography is out of print. I have been looking for "Daddys got a tail" for ages now. but this album will do for now.

gray said...

i'll get daddy's got a tail up here tonight.

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