Thursday, September 11, 2008

v/a - a small group of friends: a germs tribute

released in 1996

some folks doing their best germs impersonations

did you know: belinda carlisle (the go-gos) was the band's second drummer? (playing under the name "dottie danger")...though she never got to play with them live because she caught "the kissing disease"...she then went on to start the go-gos (and they were originally called the misfits...could you picture her singing "mommy?...can i go out and KILL TONIGHT"...adorable....)

1 - nofx - forming
2 - free kitten - sex boy
3 - melvins - lexicon devil
4 - the holez - circle one*
5 - d generation - no god
6 - j mascis/mike watt - what we do is secret
7 - ruined eye - land of treason
8 - the posies - richie dagger's crime
9 - o-matic - strange noises
10 - white flag - manimal
11 - that dog. - we must bleed
12 - flea - media blitz
13 - sator - the other newest one
14 - wrens - let's pretend
15 - matthew sweet - dragon lady
16 - gumball - caught in my eye
17 - meat puppets - not all right
18 - puzzled panthers - now i hear the laughter
19 - L7 - lion's share
20 - monkeywrench - shutdown**

*=pat smear with hole

**=after the song there's about a minute of silence...and then the band hovercraft (an instrumental trio that at one time had pearl jams' eddie vedder playing drums...he was married to the band's bass player beth liebling for six years...though together for sixteen) stretches out the previously played "shutdown" to sixteen minutes...and then followed by a short spoken word piece by poet drew blood


Roger Camden said...

I dig the blog.

Now I finally can listen to Aglio de Olio again. Lost my disc in a break-up.

ipecac said...

the ladies always know where to strike

Anonymous said...

There are some good covers on this comp. Better than U2 and Kiss covering The Ramones or that crap Darby & the Germs biopic from last year. Davidkaos FEB2609

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