Friday, September 12, 2008

Colossamite - Economy Of Motion

Year: 1998
Label: Skin Graft

Here's the sole full length release by Minneapolis (by way of Wisconsin) band Colossamite, which was known at the time as "ex-Dazzling Killmen" because they featured vocalist/guitarist Nick Sakes of that band. And while Dazzling Killmen might be a pretty good reference point to start comparisons (Zenigeva might be another), it really doesn't do much to justice to the three guitar, no distortion sound this band were proponents of. There is no bass here. None. Zip. Zero. There are those three, count 'em, three guitars I mentioned a second ago playing as loudly and cleanly as possible. There are thundering drums, and shouted vocals, but no bass, and three motherfucking guitars going at once. Sans distortion pedals. Did I mention that? Yes? Well, shit man, think about that for a second, based on your arrival at this blog, I can only assume you like it thick and heavy (that's what she said), and now you're being confronted by this anomaly. This three axed, lurching, shifting, spasming, crawling monster that fore goes the use of modern guitar tactics in lieu of a troublingly loud, sharp blast. 
If you think you got the cajones, then give it a whirl, but don't say I didn't warn you. There is no bass, and no distortion on this record. There, now I can proceed with a clear conscious.


ipecac said...

i was starting to get a little worried

i was gonna head up a search party with these guys called the donner party

they asked me to bring an industrial sized barrel of bbq sauce though...

is that weird?

Manel said...

so is there any bass involved in the recording or is it just three guitars and drums?

thanks for this, guys
I had "all lingos", so this is very welcome indeed

random recomendation:
mikaela´s fiend from seattle.


(btw, it´s "cojones", not "cajones")

ipecac said...

whatever maaaan

it all tastes the same

Gray said...

"cojones" typo has been duly noted, but i cannot promise it won't happen again. spellcheck is for the weak!

Manel said...

buck you

Manel said...

ok, I listened to the record and "all lingos clamor" is waaay better than this. just in case you were thinking in give it a try.

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