Tuesday, September 23, 2008

thumb - exposure

released in 1998

going back to victory records glory days

i first came across this band on one of victory's sampler cds with the song "sell myself" (victory style III)

and at the time they struck me as not having all that much in common with the label's roster at the time (bloodlet..earth crisis...snapcase...etc etc)...and i remember listening to this album and actually having people think it was part of the "nu metal revolution"...i mean sure...they had some turntables and some rappy parts of the limp bizkits (linkin park weren't around yet)...and the aggression of the deftones (though i never really considered them part of all that business)...a little bit of the korny vocals...but they seemed more than that...and they had a bass tone most band's would sell their souls for (how else can you explain nu metal?)

ok...i might as well just admit it here...there was a time that i was "down" with the nu metals...had the chain wallet and everything...but i steered clear of the jncos and korn rows...i left all of that up to the mtv kids...what can i say... i was a sucker for drop d tuning...i was a drinker...

and even though all of those bands have been mentioned here...don't let it steer you clear of this...it's good...it's get on your skateboard good...but i wouldn't let your kids seeing you do it (if you have such things)...you'll get nothing by eye rolls from them...and do you really need more of those?



Gray said...

uh, wait a minute...you just said "1998...victory records...glory days", in that order. i shouldn't have to tell you that victory records had long since passed their prime by 1998. 1990-1992...yeah, i'll grant you those Insight and Billingsgate records, hell, i'm even with you in 1995-1996 when you get the Guilt album and victory's magnum opus, the Deadguy album. but boy were they stinking it up by 1998. phew!

i'm not even gonna touch the nu-metal remarks. you're in a safe place now. a place where we do not judge...

ipecac said...

the nu metal remarks were only addressing the fact that they had the wickawicka and the somewhat rappy-ish vocals at times

none of that my-mommy-and-daddy-didn't-love-me-and-i-never-got-asked-to-the-prom-so-i'll-go-eat-worms business

and i can agree with you on the victory records business...the only bands on the label that i ever paid any mind to (and still do) were/are deadguy (i even kinda like screamin' with the deaguy quintet) and bloodlet

from basketball jerseys to tight black pants...what happened?...where did things go wrong?

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