Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pink Mountaintops - Axis Of Evol

Year: 2006
Label: Jagjaguwar

Most notable as a side project of Stephan McBean who's the main man behind 70's revivalist rockers Black Mountain. This band gets a little more "out there", as in "high on drugs" relying less on bombast, and more on droning repitition and spaced fuzz. Kinda like Spacemen 3, a little like Velvet Underground, and from what I gather, a bit like Smog. Do you listen to Smog? I don't listen to Smog, so I have no clue, but the concensus is that Pink Mountaintops sound sorta like them. I do know that I really like Pink Mountaintops, and the one time I can ever remember Smog, I thought they were booooooring. One man's opinion. 
The bottom line here, is that if you like spacerock, early seventies Rolling Stones, blissed out drug rock, or pulsating proto punk, you'll probably be in the market for this album. 


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