Monday, September 29, 2008

sugartooth - the sounds of solid

released in 1997

this was the band that wanted to sell their futon to beavis and butthead

what started out as a band weened on soundgarden and black sabbath (kind of redundant there) turned into a more techno (and i don't mean of the annoying glowstick variety...they experimented a drum machine) blues based band when drummer joey castillo left after this album (joining playing for queens of the stone age)...he was replaced by current agent orange drummer dusty watson

so if you like your "grunge" mixed with "phat beats"...this be for you

and it opens up with a dolemite it can't all be that bad...right?

screw your wig on tight...let me tell you 'bout the 'lil bad mothafuckah they call dolemite...

thus concludes our poetry corner for today


Apoctosis said...

Hahaha, dude I remember that episode of Beavis and Butthead. "Sold my fuuuuuton!"

Anonymous said...

Dead link.

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