Monday, September 29, 2008

scratch acid - 12.30.86 - duisburg germany

the band that emptied it's bowels and gave the world the jesus lizard and rapeman

there's just no cleaning up after something like that

1 - monsters
2 - albino slug
3 - damned for all time
4 - mess
5 - el espectro
6 - skin drips
7 - cannibal
8 - this is bliss
9 - big bone lick
10 - for crying out loud
11 - eyeball
12 - lay screaming
13 - owner's lament
14 - the greatest gift
15 - she said


PromQueen said...

what can one even say about this except thank you. holy s*#t...f*&@ing scratch acid. Hell yeah.


Earweed said...

thank you for that. could you upload more of them?

keep it up

Earweed said...

oh and something else. please prefer mediafire instead of sendspace. low speed and link difficulties in sendspace. avoid.

tim said...

goodness, people look a gift horse in the mouth don't they

apparently duisberg is actually pronounced douchebag. i have it on good authority

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